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Project Description

This Community Server module automatically generates preview images (thumbnails) for videos uploaded to media galleries and as attachments to other posts. The module executes FFmpeg to read the video file and extract an image, which it stores in Centralized File Storage alongside the video attachment. The preview generation module can create previews for all of the video file formats that are supported by Community Server, including AVI, MOV, SWF, MPEG, WMV, FLV and others. The module is also configurable, allowing site administrators and individual users to specify how long into a video to take preview images.

The latest version of the module now supports YouTube video thumbnails as well.

See the attached README file for additional information about the project.

Supported Platforms

  • The module currently supports Community Server 2008.5 at any service pack level.
  • Support for Telligent Community (Community Server 5.0) will be added in the future.

As of this time, Telligent corporation is not a contributor to this project.

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